Digital Mammography

What are the advantages of digital mammography?


Digital Mammography, Women's Imaging, Breast Imaging, Diagnostic Imaging ToolIn early 1999, Clifiton Imagining Center became the first outpatient imaging provider in Clifton area  to offer digital mammography at all of its many breast centers. This new technology provides a host of benefits for patients and their physicians.

Digital mammography reduces the number of repeat procedures and streamlines the process because it eliminates darkroom processing of films. Images can also be sent to the most qualified specialist to interpret, allowing for very high quality readings.


"Digital mammography is much faster for patients, taking only about 7 minutes," said Judy Destouet, M.D., FACR, chief of mammography for Advanced Radiology. "Further, fewer patients will have to return for a repeat mammogram, as digital allows us to see immediately if we have the images that we need. Digital will also help us continue improving our already excellent rate of detecting breast cancers. Even before we had digital technology, our practice found some 95% of breast cancers through analog imaging - far better than the national average of 80%."

A nationally renowned women's imaging specialist, DR. PETER H. SOLOWAY, MD was named one of the Top Ten Women’s Imaging Specialists by Medical Imaging magazine. 

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All of our Digital Mammography facilities are ACR accredited.


Why should you choose Clifiton Imagining Center for your Mammogram?


All mammography centers are not alike. Accurate reading of a mammogram continues to be highly dependent on the training and experience of the radiologists and technologists performing it, as well as on having the most advanced mammography equipment. We offer the latest digital mammography equipment at all of our many convenient breast centers.

Our team of skilled, fellowship-trained mammographers brings their years of experience to precisely interpret our patients' digital mammograms. Our modern, comfortable facilities are designed to respect your privacy and our compassionate, knowledgeable technologists will treat you with the respect and consideration you deserve.


How do you prepare for your digital mammogram?


• Please arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment and bring your referral. If you need to reschedule or cancel, call 24 hours in advance.


• Tell us if you are or may be pregnant or are breastfeeding.

• Please bring any previous mammograms and reports to your appointment.

• Let us know if you have breast implants.

• If you have had a breast biopsy, please tell us.

• To minimize your discomfort, schedule your exam 2 to 3 days after the end of your period when your breasts will be less tender.

• Do not wear perfume, powder, deodorant, or lotions that contain glitter on the breast or underarm area.


What should you bring to your procedure?


• Prescription or referral from your physician


• List of medications you take


• Insurance cards


• Previous mammograms and reports from other radiology centers


• Medical history


What will you experience during your digital mammogram?


Upon Arrival


• You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire.


• A member of our staff will escort you to an individual dressing room.



During your digital mammogram


• In a private dressing room, you’ll undress from the waist up and put on a gown.


• The technologist will review your medical history and any symptoms you've been experiencing related to your breasts.


• In the exam room, the technologist will position you standing at the mammography machine and place your breast over the receptor.


• The machine applies moderate compression to your breast for a few seconds to obtain the clearest image. Two X-ray views are usually taken of each breast.


• The technologist will view your images on the computer screen in the room, just to assess the image quality.


• In some situations, the radiologist may request additional X-rays or an ultrasound (sonogram) to further evaluate your breasts.


• The procedure is shorter than a regular mammogram.



After your digital mammogram


• You will return to the dressing room and get dressed.


• You can leave immediately after your test and resume your normal activities.


•  The radiologist will review your mammogram and send the written report to your physician.


•  Urgent findings will be called or faxed to your physician.

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